Permanent Stud Manager Sheep Yards

These permanent sheep yards are the premium range we produce. Using a 76x40 oval rail on the top and a 53x35 oval rail on the lower 5 rails. Each panel has a 76mm OD round post on one end and a short 50x50 square post on the other, only the round post gets cemented into the ground, and the other end is joined to the next round post by a heavy-duty clamping system. All gates hinge on a revolutionary nylon bush which has proven to be trouble free and corrosion free. These panels make a very heavy duty state of the art yard system. Ideal for large stock owners and studs. 


Permanent Yard Options:

  • Concrete Working Areas: We recommend concreting your working race and any other high traffic areas, which allows water to drain, requiring less maintenance for years to come.
  • Suspended working race (treated timber or concrete): Save your back! It is a good idea to raise the working race to a more comfortable height, which can be done with concrete or timber. It also allows you to be closer to the race by allowing your toes to be under the floor.
  • Diamond Pen for Flexibility: A small square yard inserted where 4 pens intersect allows for greater flexibility between pens and is also a good place to put a sick seep out of the mob.
  • Dog Flaps: Provide a safe way for your dog to get through the yards without having to jump the fence, saving your dog from serious injury.


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